Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh well. Since I’ve as it is started with a blog—my Shreya Ghoshal blog (http://themagiccalledshreya.blogspot.com/)—I thought I might also want to start with a Mohit Salgaonkar blog. I’d registered a blog name a few years back by the name “Still Waiting To Wake.” The name, as it turns out, was quite appropriately given. It’s only years after I registered it that I have “woken up to it.”

What this blog will contain is as valid a question to my own self as it is to you. I don’t know what it will contain. All I can promise is that it’ll be a reflection of my (stupid) personality. My friends will feel I’m right in front of them speaking with them.

As it is, I have a very gross(ly limited) understanding of this universe. There is really not much I can talk about anyhow. Anyway, as they say, the real thing is to look within oneself. Now, I’m not really sure how that’s done, but I came pretty close once when I drank whiskey on the rocks. I got to know where my food pipe begins and where it ends and how all my viscera are living up to the challenges of life and all that. The whiskey did not point me to where my heart is, though. Shreya did. The first time I heard one of her songs was the first time my heart knocked at my chest, indicating its presence. I’d never known it was in there all until that while.

I’m hopeful about this blog, and about the possibility of my frquently posting because unlike my Shreya blog, I don’t have to think much to post here. I can just let (my) loose (character out). So hopefully I can post my nonsense at any given time I feel like doing so without having to be in the mood or in anything else (haven’t been inside too many things yet, anyhow, and sadly enough).

Another reason for the blog probably also is that I’ve decided to cut the crap as far as my Shreya’s blog is concerned. So all the crap gets divetrted to this blog.

Actually, I dunno what I’m doing starting this blog. Because I’ve already started my Shreya blog. And then there are two in the pipeline. One in “partnership” with D.P., and the other in “partnership” with Neha.

BTW, Neha is a chat friend I’ve known for 10 years now, but have never met. We’ve exchanged innumerable mails, sometimes containing very personal details, rife with derogatory statements about everyone we hate, and absoluteluy exalting statements about the one we love. (“the one,” of course, has changed a lot over the years for both of us.) We are planning to “go public” with our mail conversations (Not all, just excerpts, of course, lol). BTW, things begin to get more interesting because Neha is extremely articulate and an excellent poetess. I was going to use the word “also” somewhere toward the beginning of the previous sentence, but I pulled out after realizing that I’m neither articulate nor a good poet.

D.P. is a guy, so I know you’ll as it is skip the paragraph that describes him. Just for the record: He’s my best friend. I’ve known him for as long as he’s lived. I was lonely for the first 9 months of my life. Then D.P. was born. And the rest, as they say, is ourstory.

I should prolly shut up now because I also want you returning to this blog. Don’t want to put you off so much that you include the link of this blog in your list of put-offs (or is it turn-offs?) on Orkut or wherever.

A request just before I take your leave. Please leave your comments on the blog. I’m not asking you to leave your girlfriend here. Just comments. They are easy to come by. And leave by. Please.



Anonymous said...

Mohita, I don't think I even deserve to comment on your blog. I'd to keep my windictionary open throughout the blog. :)
I just appreciate your passion. What wonders me is that you are living to your likings despite being a techno pal. Keep it up!

Mohit said...

Hey, thanks, Kuldippa!!! It's friends like you that keep me going :))

Anand said...

Dude, really looking forward to more of your random ramblings hopefully written under the influence of massive amount of alcohol...

Mohit said...

Thanks Anand! And thanks once again if the alcohol is sponsored!! And one lesson I've learnt is that even if it is raining, the guys staying at the ground floor will surely let you take their umbrella...:))

Anonymous said...

So.. finally u've started with your blog to vent out some of the feelings, eh?
I would say... do a self review of the article, just in case you misspelled a few words! This is one thing u learn as a tech writer :)
About the blog:
Good going, dost!

Mohit said...

Dear Anonymous, you'd look very pretty typing ur name in the comments box...try it...and thanks, of course, for the kind words :)

UB said...

made good reading! But please do wake up more frequently!

Mohit said...

I'll try to, sir :) Thanks so much for the kind words :)

Anonymous said...



Mohit said...

hahaha, Jassi sir, nice to see you here :) It's amazing you still remember the song, BTW :) It was gr8 meeting you when I had returned to India. We'll go for a "dinner" the next time I'm back :)