Monday, January 11, 2010

The Prettiest Girl in Hyderabad

Mom packed my bags in Mumbai and came to Hyderabad on Saturday. We went to see Ramoji Film City yesterday. The only saving grace in the OTHERWISE COMPLETELY HOPELESS place (disclaimer: this is my personal opinion) was a female dancer who performed in the "Spirit of Ramoji" show. The same show is presented thrice a day, and I watched all it three times.

This is my third (and last for now) week in Hyderabad, and I have no doubt in my mind that the girl I'm talking about is by far(thest) the most lovely girl I've seen in all Hyderabad. I'm suddenly thankful to the rank hopeless females you find all around in Hyderabad--I'm apologetic toward Hyderabadi girls for this (though I am equally sympathetic toward Hydearabadi guys). [update: all the good Hyderabadi girls are in other cities.] I'm thankful to those females because as is said, a lotus blooms in mud, and a Mehdi Hassan ghazal teaches us "ये ख़ज़ाने तुझे मुमकिन है ख़राबों में मिलें."

Man, was she gorgeous. In fact she was not gorgeous. Or beautiful. Or stunning. Or ravishing. Or anything else known. She was beyond all that. I swear her smile could make a dying man jump up. And that's still a gross understatement. Unfortunately (and fortunately for her), she was not that good a dancer to add to her ineffable looks; otherwise I'd have kidnapped her. The second time I saw the show, she messed up a step that she was to perform with two other male dancers (darn those guys!), so she smiled half out of guilt. At that time she happened to be looking at the writer of this blog, who was smiling back foolishly :)

On my way home, I composed the following couplet (I love writing about actual events):

बर्क़ मुझपर आ गिरी और दिल अदू के राख़ हैं
बज़्म में तुम क्या ज़रा मुस्काए मुझको देखकर

This means that lighting struck me, and (but) the hearts of all my enemies (fellow watchers of the show) went up in smoke (in jealousy). (Generally, if lightning strikes me, my heart should go up in smoke, not anybody else's.) And this happened because you (the dancer) smiled at me during the dance performance among a gathering of hundreds.

Gosh, I'm kicking myself for not having barged into backstage and met her.

Whenever she danced with those male dancers, I felt exactly like Aamir Khan feels in his dream in Andaz Apna Apna during the Juhi-Govinda shot when the director says, "गोविंदा, चिपक के, चिपक के!"

I tried to capture this girl on my 2MP cell phone camera. But what's the use? Anyway, the world's best camera (or any other device) would not be able to capture her because, allow me to quote from one my old sonnets (please excuse the incomplete conformance to the iambic pentameter),

"No painter can reproduce her in sketch
For, whose throbbing, human hand owns such knack?
No lake, her perfect reflection can fetch
For, does the quietest of lakes, heartbeats lack?

"No sculptor can replicate her on stone
For, what best stone can stay cut such finely?
Her Mesmer face, no photograph can clone
For chemicals and false light, earthly be"

Well, what can I say. I'm still kicking myself for not having met her and asked her name.

"और थोड़ी देर में बस
हम जुदा हो जाएँगे
आप को ढूँडूंगा कैसे
रास्ते खो जाएँगे
नाम तक भी तो नहीं
अपना बताया आपने"

Subhash Ghai had pity on Rishi Kapoor in Karz, so he still found her. What about me??

BTW, here goes another quote from one of my old sonnets--to reinforce my fascination for the name of a lovely girl:

"That! If my own name had not been the same,
She wouldn't have Mohit dying for her name!"

Gosh. I can go on and on. But I need to rush for something (only slightly) more important. C ya guys. Lemme whether/how you liked the post.


Kuldeep said...

Mind blowing Mohita!! I wish I could see the snap of her!! I know you better & hence can say - she must be from some other world!

Mohit said...

Hey Kuldippa, wonderful to hear from you, man, am missing you too much :( yeah man she was like some Urvashi or Menaka dancing in heaven :))

Hope you are doing great man :) I'm missing our conversations. Too bad that I couldn't meet you before I left :(

Neha said...

Good you met someone who inspired you to write again.. I was dying of guilt....

Mohit said...

Hey Neha, first of all, thanks for posting a comment :) Hope you are doing great. Give my regards to Ankush. And I didn't "meet" her--just "saw" her. Your guilt need not reduce one bit. It should only increase. Had it not been for your counselling, I might have gone upstage and met her. LOL. BTW, the counselling and the story behind it still a TOP secret, so please don't mention any of that in the comments section (I know you won't) :)) Cheers!