Sunday, January 24, 2010


On the fantastic occasion of Shreya having won her fourth National award, I'm compelled to "open to public" a couplet from the ghazal I wrote for her. This is the maqta (concluding couplet) of my ghazal:

अगर दिल वज्द में आया, तो धड़कन शोर कर देगी
ज़रा दिल थामकर "मोहित" सुनो आवाज़ श्रेया की

Literal meaning:

Sentence 1: If the heart goes absolutely wild in rapture, its heartbeats will be so loud and heavy that they'll cause noise.

Sentence 2: Restrain your heart, and then listen to Shreya's voice.

More detailed explanation:

Shreya's voice always makes the heart go absolutely wild in rapture. Therefore, one always craves to listen to it. However, on listening to it, one's heart becomes euphoric. Consequently, the heartbeats become very loud and heavy, which causes noise and is a hindrance in the process of listening to her voice. Therefore, restrain your heart, and then listen to Shreya's voice.

I wanted Shreya to read my ghazal first, though :( And all arrangements had been made, too. However one day I just woke up and found myself in Redmond. Ah but I'll be back. Try and try until you don't need to try anymore.

जो तमन्ना बर न आए उम्र भर
उम्र भर उसकी तमन्ना कीजिए

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