Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Potential fathers-in-law, chill maadi

So I don't know what triggered my memory this morning, but I remembered this "something" I had written at least thirteen years ago. Plucked it out from some old word file.


When I followed him into the forest...
Geese cackled and ducks quacked
Sparrows chirped and swallows tittered
Bitterns boomed and owls hooted
Eagles screamed and hyenas laughed
Beetles droned and wrens warbled
Pigs grunted and asses brayed
Bulls bellowed and parrots chattered
Mice squealed and wolves howled
Apes gibbered and turkeys gobbled...

My father-in-law, the movie producer was so amused-
He laughed until he cried
"they think you are one of them”, he told me
And he gave me the role of Tarzan
But the movie flopped miserable
And I'm beginning to feel-but he won't admit-
That it was HE
Not I
Who they had thought was one of them

© Mohit Salgaonkar


(Yeah, I don't know/remember what that was all about either :P)

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